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Some former executive members of the Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM), formerly the Young Socialist Movement, yesterday registered their profound sadness over the illness of Winston Murray and offered words of prayers.They also expressed the hope that Murray recovers and continues with his work for the Party and the nation as a whole.The group said that it finds it both timely and appropriate to quote from the second verse of the PNC Battle song: “Hold the line of battle, comrades. Link our arms in unity, Organise and charge the forces, of the haughty enemy! Truth shall be our martial weapon Brotherhood our armour plate, Guyanese the breed we’ll cherish, Scorning paths of racial hate:”According to the group, “Murray, during our tenure in the GYSM, has always been supportive of our work,NFL Jerseys Discount, and has been a very useful guide.”They said, “There is no doubt that Cde. Murray’s illness will impact negatively on the Party’s campaign activities that is geared towards winning the upcoming 2011 Regional and National elections…We, the former Executive members of the GYSM, wish to join the family, comrades, and friends in praying for his speedy recovery and hope for divine intervention.”The group includes Dennis Glasgow,NFL Jerseys Cheap From China, Kirk Saul, Mark Allan Walkes, Melanie Cornette, Rawle Wayne Payne, Sherwin Benjamin, Natalie Gammell,NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap, Julianne Gaul, Chiyedza James, Adrian .S Cole and Kervin Crawford.Murray was rushed to Balwant Singh’s Hospital in Georgetown after he collapsed on his way to his Continental Park, East Bank Demerara home following Thursday’s Parliamentary debate in which he participated.He was in an unconscious condition when he arrived at the Hospital, and a scan showed that there was blood around his brain.Murray was heading home when he stopped at Houston to buy a lotto ticket,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, according to his colleague and supporter,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey, Ronald Austin.Austin said that after he collapsed he had the presence of mind to give someone phone numbers and the keys to his car.He also gave instructions that he be taken to Balwant Singh’s Hospital.However, later in the evening,China Jerseys NFL, he was transferred to the GPHC where he was immediately placed in the Intensive Care Unit.Leading Neurosurgeon Dr Ivor Crandon was subsequently flown to Guyana at the expense of the Government and he declared Murray ‘brain dead’ adding that surgery was not possible at the time.Some of his grandchildren are expected to arrive in Guyana at which point in time a decision will be made as it relates to removing the life support machine that he is presently hooked up to.

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